A Special thanks…

…to everyone that attended our 25% Off Secret Sale! It was a huge success, and I just wanted to acknowledge your support.

Thanks again, and be looking for our next big event!

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Ready for Prime Time


Ceramics is proud to announce the

premier of "StoryBook CeramiWiki", and a relaunch of "StoryBook

Ceramics Pottery Collectors Forum".

* The CeramiWiki is a collaborative space for documenting the American

Pottery and Ceramics Industry, past and present. Biographies may be

added for historical American potteries and for historical Individual


* Contemporary American studio potters and Contemporary Ceramics

Companies are welcome to create a directory page for their business and

add pages relevant to their work.

* The CeramiWiki will act as a repository for documenting raw material

suppliers and equipment vendors currently supporting the American

Ceramics Industry for easy research.

* Find useful links to aid in further research of American Pottery and Ceramics Companies and their product lines.

The StoryBook Ceramics Pottery Collectors Forum has a fresh layout and

new enhancements, and is now ready for "Prime Time" traffic.  Come

check us out!




Ceramics Pottery Collectors


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About us

StoryBook Ceramics is a family owned art pottery studio. We have a large and dynamic family group that adds a wide range of perspectives
and talents to our work and designs. We are located in a Deep Southern community
of less than 1000 people near the South-Western Georgia border.

Our family is Jewish, and our immediate family of seven children plus
their spouses includes European, Cuban, Filipino and African American
members. It makes for interesting holiday meals!

My husband is a native of Key West, FL. He is a former computer
hardware specialist and ISP owner. He is our master mold maker, and
runs the entire back-end operation. His duties range from pouring the
slip in the molds, through cleaning the greenware, and then to glazing
and firing the kilns. He gets to play in the mud every day and thinks
it is a fine way to make a living.

I was raised in Seattle WA, and have a degree in English. I worked
formerly as a senior software engineer for a major American computer manufacturer. I am the primary artist, and
spend most days putting the color to Kevin’s work. Most “software”
related tasks, such as web mastering and creating online ads and stores
belong to me. I am the primary online contact for our company. I answer
mail, and make quotes and arrangements for custom work.

Our children help with a variety of different tasks along the way. Many
of our products are direct “brainstorms” from one of “the kids”. They
are a continuing asset to the company, and we are grateful for their
energy and ideas.

We hope you will enjoy our product line. We put a great deal of effort,
time and thought into each piece we make. Each package we send is
mailed with the hope that the piece inside will exceed the expectations
of the customer who receives it.

StoryBook Ceramics

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